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Benzoyl peroxide vs Hydrogen peroxide

When it comes to determining the most effective form of treatment for acne, many people tend to become overwhelmed by the wide and diverse choice of products that seem to be laid out in front of them. Also, not being a skin expert tends to complicate the problem further. This is because where your skin and its well-being is concerned, you would not like to take any chances with it. In addition, you also do not want to make a bad choice at the end of the day.

Therefore, in terms of treatment, you would find that there are two products which seem to stand out from all the rest. These are benzoyl peroxide vs hydrogen peroxide. Even though they are quiet similar, there are some major differences between them. To know more about them, read on below.

Benzoyl peroxide
For acne treatments, benzoyl peroxide has undoubtedly become one of the most commonly used and well-known ingredients. In addition to being considered safe for all types of skin, it is also highly effective in getting rid of acne. The reason why benzoyl peroxide has managed to become so popular is because it puts oxygen in the pores of skin. As a result, it helps in skin turnover and the regeneration of skin. Due to benzoyl peroxide depleting the oxygen, it goes down to the root of the problem and kills the bacteria.

On the other hand, benzoyl peroxide has been known to cause slight irritation and redness of the skin. However, that is not something that you would need to be overly worried about. This is because once your skin becomes adjusted to it, you would no longer be facing all these problems.

Hydrogen peroxide

In choosing benzoyl peroxide or hydrogen peroxide for acne, many people would be surprised to find that hydrogen peroxide falls under this category. Even though this is not something which is usually recommended by dermatologists and other skin experts, this is actually a pretty age old remedy which majority of people swear by in order to treat acne. In addition to other uses, you will be able to use this to treat acne. Also, if you are thinking that this is something which is pretty tough and time-consuming, you would find it to be the complete opposite. This is because just with the help of a cotton ball, you would be able to treat acne in an effective manner.

The final verdict

Therefore, when it comes to choosing benzoyl peroxide vs hydrogen peroxide for acne, it actually tends to differ from one person to another. In addition, the type of skin is also something which should be taken in to consideration. Just because one product seemed to suit your friend pretty well does not mean that you would be enjoying the same outcome as well. Also, since both these things are something which are dermatologist recommended, then it is strictly advised that you consult a skin expert before starting this treatment. In this way, you would be able to derive your desired results.

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